Education for the Soccer Generation

Specific Programs

School Programs

We believe it is paramount in developing any school program to understand the philosophy and ethos of the specific school or organization’s mainstream educational approach. Strategic Meetings are held with the Principal and/or Director and Parent’s Association to develop a tailored program. We can handle all administrative work in conjunction with the school, so there is no burden on staff. We are committed to becoming an integral partner with the schools we work in and assist in fund-raising and community events. In terms of fees, we realize that some parents can afford to pay, while others find it hard, thus we assess in conjunction with our schools each individual need. Every child is welcome at our programs and scholarships are provided to those who qualify. We offer both In-School & After School programs as well as develop school teams for grades K-8.

Tailored Programs
We are often asked by parents to develop programs for specific groups not affiliated to a particular school and this can easily be arranged for private groups. 

We offer spring, summer & fall camps. For more information please contact us.

Select Programs:
Through our newly formed Lions FC club, we will be entering teams in Competitive Leagues and Tournaments starting in 2011. Interested players please contact us directly.

Birthday Parties
Our soccer birthday parties are both fun and affordable. Please contact us for more information. For Soccer & Rock N Roll Parties, we are joined by our musical partners, Rockalicious.

Soccer Development Program for Children with Special Needs
Since our inception, we have been committed to working with kids with special needs. In 2010 we are pleased to announce a new partnership with Central Park ELC and its Director Beth Rosenthal for the purpose of creating an enrichment soccer program for children with learning, developmental and physical challenges throughout New York City. Our goal is for each child to learn and have fun, develop self-confidence, build social skills and benefit from team experience. A parent/educator co-operative Think Tank is currently being formed to assess the needs of children and their families in this area.

Goodwill Soccer Festivals & Community Programs
These programs were started in 2006 and have proved very popular and been attended by hundreds of players from many different public & private schools. The Goodwill Soccer Festivals are aimed at developing unity through soccer by bringing players of all ages, their families and the greater soccer community together. The inaugural invitation NY Championship held on the magnificent Fieldston School campus has been superb and enjoyed by all players & parents. We hope to expand this competition in the spring.