Education for the Soccer Generation

We are committed to the creation & development of first class soccer educational programs and imparting to students a love & passion for the beautiful game. We incorporate a culture of structured learning using a whole of array of tried & tested techniques. We believe that soccer must be fun and every player is encouraged to be as creative as possible. We are very much a community and encourage a family atmosphere. Our family – kids playing with parents games have proved very popular over the years.

Our Training Program incorporates the following components:

Age Appropriate Fitness Drills & Controlled Stretching.
Moving with the Ball/Dribbling – 3 types, keep possession, run with ball, attacking with ball, decision making, where/when to dribble.
Passing – 3 types, instep, inside foot, outside foot, accuracy, pace, timing, disguise, when to pass, which pass.
Receiving control – on ground, in air, foot, chest, thigh.
Defending Tackling- safety first, technique and stance, types of tackle, marking, defensive clearing.
Attacking/Goal scoring – routes to goal, positioning, wing play, shooting, set pieces, volleying.

Building Individual and Team Cohesion and Leadership Strategies:

Possession of the Ball in Soccer: individual and small group, dribbling for possession, shielding, passing, receiving, decision making.

Group and Team: tactical and functional, team shape, width and depth, specific thirds possession play.

tackling, delay, marking, zone cover, communication, making space and time. Team shape, balance, defending the goal area.
 creativity, improvisation, support, decision making. Team shape, width/depth in attack, mobility, options, attack last third key, shooting, set plays and creating goal scoring chances. Theory of attack, defense, roles of positional play, team overall strategy, off and on field planning.

Individual and Team Orientation to create better overall unit.